Saturday, May 7, 2011

Naming Our Family Restaurant

Our family is always trying to find ways to teach our kids about healthy eating and how to love it while getting the right foods with protein! One of our favorite family meals is homemade tacos with whole grain tortillas, beans, brown rice, tomatoes, avocado, lettuce, corn, and salsa. Whenever we eat this meal our family seems to start coming up with names for our family restaurant. It is funny to see the kind of ideas that these kids come up with. Some of the names are silly like bubble bop or something as simple as Our Family Restaurant.It is great to have your kids come up with restaurant names and help to prepare the meals. The children seem to want to eat the food more if they helped to prepare it. They love the feeling they get after the meal has been prepared and they did something to contribute to the meal.Another idea is to have them help plan the meals for the week. Guide them as they choose some of their favorite healthy meals. Also, make sure that you add plenty of vegetables and fruit to each meal. We have a salad with every meal before we eat the main course. We strive to have meals that are rich in whole grain and vegetables, and we also try to add some fresh fruit to every meal. Also, teach children to eat raw fruits and vegetables with every meal. Our bodies need live enzymes in order to digest the food that we eat. When we are not eating live enzymes our body has a hard time digesting and our body is not receiving the nutrients and vitamins that it needs. We also keep a huge supply of fresh fruit and vegetables so when the children are hungry they have live nutritious snacks.

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